Students MCQ Manager

Students MCQ Manager 1.2.0

Un programa de prueba para Windows‚ por Applecoresoftware

Students MCQ Manager es una aplicación útil y de prueba solo disponible para Windows creada por Applecoresoftware. Ver descripción completa

Students MCQ Manager es una aplicación útil y de prueba solo disponible para Windows creada por Applecoresoftware.

Información adicional sobre Students MCQ Manager

Desde que la aplicación forma parte de nuestro catálogo en 2012, ya ha alcanzado 10,085 descargas, durante la última semana se descargó 0 veces.Respecto a Students MCQ Manager, es un programa ligera que requiere mucho menos espacio libre que la mayoría de las aplicaciones de su categoría.Students MCQ Manager está disponible para usuarios con S.O. Windows 98 y versiones posteriores, y solo está disponible en Inglés. Su actual versión es 1.2.0 y se actualizó en 11/06/2012.

The best way to prepare for multiple choice question exams is to practice MCQs. Students MCQ Manager is the best software tool for writing, collecting and practicing MCQs. Students MCQ Manager is a windows based multiple choice question database manager, editor and study tool. It includes a wide range of options but has an intuitive interface that is easy to use, allowing quick and efficient study.

Users can access questions in several easy to use study formats. A full range of options is available to choose questions by question type (simple completion, multiple completion and true/false), difficulty and topic areas. They can be practiced in un-timed study or timed quizzes. Printed MCQ tests can also be produced.

Students MCQ Manager remembers which questions you get right and which ones you get wrong, assigning a greater difficulty to those questions incorrectly answered. In this way the difficulty rating for each question is constantly adjusted, allowing users to select and focus on problem areas.

Images can be linked to the questions or notes of MCQs to add a visual component to the learning process. To avoid pattern recognition questions are presented in random sequence, and the order of question responses are also randomized.

Our multiple choice questions management software incorporates simple completion, multiple completion type and true/false multiple choice type questions. In addition questions can be entered into the database as grid questions. Grid questions include 5 correct and 5 incorrect responses. From each grid question Students MCQ Manager can randomly generate 146 different multiple choice questions.

The editing features allow users to add their own questions, edit existing questions, merge with databases made on other computers, add notes, references and perform spell checks. Study groups have a great opportunity to develop and pool questions. A demonstration database is included.

Students MCQ Manager


Students MCQ Manager 1.2.0